Poplars Forge Dragon Statues

At Poplar's Forge we make a unique range of hand-made dragon statues for sale throughout the world. Each Dragon statue is made to order and is made by hand from start to finish, and each one is given its own unique number. The Dragons are made from steel. We start by constructing a basic skeleton for each dragon statue and then build the rest of the dragon around that skeleton.

A high level of detail goes into each dragon. The wings, for example, are hand cut and beaten using traditional smithing methods into a three dimensional shape that gives the statue a ‘realistic’ appearance. The head also has a surprising level of detail which includes horns, teeth, ears, eyes contained within lids, a serpent like tongue and an armoured skin effect. The standard statues that we craft have a different appearance. The duelling dragons have a very aggressive appearance, as they are in battle. The Sentry Dragons have a sterner appearance.

Our best selling dragon is the Welsh dragon which features all the known characteristics of what is considered to be the traditional Welsh dragon. These include, dew claws, a looped tail pointing to the sky, a horn on the dragons nose tip, and swept back wings. The Welsh dragon statue is also finished in the traditional red colour, with black highlights which help enhance the dragon’s visual definitions. If you would prefer the Welsh dragon in a different colour, that would be no problem.


Mounted Sentry Dragon Statue


Poplars Forge Handmade Dragon Sculptures
> Hand Crafted Dragon Statues.
> Made to order and individually numbered and certified.
> Made by craftsmen with over 35 years experience in metal working.
> High quality and great attention to detail.
> Made to last, the dragon statues get a rust prevention treatment.
> These dragon statues can create a great focal point for any garden or reception area.
> 3 different finishes available Natuarl, Aged or Painted.
> Painted finish colour options are red or green.
> 3 different style options, duelling dragons, Welsh dragons and Sentry dragons.

Any questions? Please call Steve Gillard at Poplars Forge on 01244 546249 or 07944 026282